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Jason DeCammillasJason DeCamillis works for the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) as a teacher consultant for students with visual impairments. He teaches students and their teachers how to use supports in many forms, including technology, and he is fluent in Braille. Jason is relatable to his students, and his role includes helping students to learn to become comfortable with their disability and advocate for themselves. He has had degenerative vision loss since childhood and is legally blind.

Jason is also a part-time lecturer in the Department of Special Education at Eastern Michigan University, teaching a course on disability studies. Jason was recently accepted to the Educational Studies doctoral program at Eastern Michigan University. He earned his master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Michigan.

Jason earned his bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University. He (was) president of Disability Empowerment and Advocacy League (DEAL), a student organization that helps to make the educational experience accessible to everyone at EMU, and founded a new organization, Visual Impairment Teachers of Tomorrow (VITT). As a student with a disability at EMU, Jason received services through the Disability Resource Center (DRC), and he has also became the Center’s first student mentor. He is a 2013-14 EMU Brehm Scholar, researching the use of the iPad as a low-cost alternative for individuals with visual impairment in K-12 classrooms.

Mr. DeCamillis is the filmmaker of the 2015 documentary “Flying Blind,” about his experience learning to pilot a Cessna aircraft.

Jason sees creative passion and the acquisition of professional knowledge as life defining pursuits. He finds it difficult to make it through life without both enjoying and creating music, photography, writing, and film.

I question the premise of inclusion. Inviting others into a normative state is a value and practice that underlies inclusiveness. Instead, I prefer to work through a lens which focuses on dismantling existing structures of exclusion, whether implicit or explicit.