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A2IDEAS offers Special Education advocacy services for students from Pre-K through 12. Our Education Advocates will work to understand your concerns and priorities so we can provide you with recommendations tailored to meet your individualized needs.

Our Advocacy guidance is based on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, behavior plan, and any other relevant interventions in the community.

Non-legal services may include:

  • Direct Advocacy (in-person)
  • Consultation
  • Document Review
  • Research & Strategic Planning
  • Communication & Correspondence (with school and/or other providers)

To help us determine the level of service that will best fit your priorities, we will ask you to complete our Intake process which includes completing a brief, online form and providing requested documents. An initial consultation to determine your needs and services (for up to 30 minutes) is free of charge.


Our fee-based services are established by income eligibility, and we follow the State of Michigan thresholds for Free and Reduced School Meals as well as Federal Poverty Guidelines.

A2IDEAS offers fee-based services on a sliding scale, which ranges from $10 – $50 an hour.

If you are eligible for the sliding scale fees, please make your Education Advocate aware before signing our Service Agreement. A2IDEAS will accept eligibility certification documentation for existing subsidized services (e.g., Free/Reduced School Meals, WIC, SNAP, SSI) as verification.

Fee-Based Service$10/hour$20/hour$30/hour$50/hour
Family SizeYearly Household Income
Scale for Free School Meals - MDEScale for Reduced School Meals - MDEScale for Poverty Guidelines - ASPEScale for Poverty Guidelines - ASPE
100% poverty level185% poverty level300% poverty level400% poverty level & above

*Subject to adjustment annually. Based on Federal Income Eligibility for Free and Reduced Price School Meals Income Guidelines and US Dept. Health & Human Services Federal Poverty Guidelines.