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AsSisT Program Interest Form

The A2IDEAS AsSisT Program is a year-long family education and advocacy immersion that provides the necessary knowledge and skills required to navigate the complex special education system independently.

Developed and led by Executive Director, Heather Eckner, our innovative approach will empower participants to independently advocate on behalf of their child(ren) with disabilities not just in the immediate school year, but throughout their educational career.

This will be achieved through:

  • Comprehensive group training sessions to facilitate the development of a family’s personalized advocacy toolbox for their child;
  • Individualized consultation through ongoing support before and after each group training session with A2IDEAS;
  • Access to collaborative partnerships with experts in special education law, conflict resolution, neuropsychology and others who will bring valuable professional insight to the training;
  • Step-by-step guidance through the process of developing strategies for effective advocacy on your child’s behalf;
  • Supportive network of advocates and other parents facing similar challenges;
  • Special education personal/professional development opportunities;
  • Direct advocacy services following completion of the training sessions.
  • Opportunity to help other families through A2IDEAS Family Partners.
  • Follow up check-in at the start of following school year to help develop family advocacy plan.


“This is such a brilliant idea.
I think about the years and years of attending various workshops to cull together even the most basic skills to advocate for my son.
To have this organized and presented in a cohesive fashion is amazing. Seems especially smart for those with younger or newly diagnosed children.”

~veteran parent to student with an IEP


Applications are for the 2019-20 School Year are currently closed.

Please click here to complete an AsSisT Program Interest Form.

Spaces are limited due to the highly individualized nature of the A2IDEAS AsSisT Program.

General open Intake for A2IDEAS direct advocacy services will not be available during the 2019-20 School Year.

Program Fees

A2IDEAS is committed to accessibility of our programs & services provided to families. We are currently seeking sponsorship and partner funding opportunities to help bring this innovative program to families in our community at a reduced cost.


Please contact if you have specific questions.