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A2IDEAS – Operations Update (as of May 8, 2020)


Based in Ann Arbor, A2IDEAS offers education advocacy services & programs primarily to families within Washtenaw County and surrounding areas.

Since our launch in 2017,  A2IDEAS has been providing high-quality Special Education advocacy for students with disabilities from PreK through grade 12.

A2IDEAS Education Advocates work to understand family concerns and priorities so we can provide support that is tailored to meet individualized needs. Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, we are offering an enhanced level of programming and service through our A2IDEAS Advocacy Support & Training (AsSisT) Program!

AsSisT Program Interest Form (2020-21)

The A2IDEAS AsSisT Program aspires to close the gap for parents requiring continual outside advocacy through our innovative approach that will empower families with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the system independently.

Our aim is to ensure students with disabilities have greater access to inclusive educational opportunities that will maximize their potential. We believe this will be achieved by helping family participants develop a long-term ability to handle the ongoing challenges that are part of the special education process.

The A2IDEAS AsSisT Program is developed and led by Executive Director, Heather Eckner.

Each family enrolled in the A2IDEAS AsSisT Program will participate in a year-long program and will receive at least 40 hours of advocacy through a series of comprehensive training sessions, individualized consultation & coaching, ongoing communication & support, as well as direct advocacy services for their child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

The A2IDEAS AsSisT Program offers an additional layer of expertise by incorporating collaborative partnerships with professionals across a range of areas – special education law, conflict resolution, neuropsychology, and more – bringing this knowledge to the parent education our AsSisT Program families receive to enhance their understanding of and ability to communicate their child’s needs and strengths.

We believe this comprehensive framework is the next step in special education advocacy.

Spaces are limited due to the highly individualized nature of the program.

Success for the A2IDEAS AsSisT Program will mean that we’ve cultivated an increased number of families in our community who can effectively advocate on behalf of their children with disabilities, now and in the future.


As we focus on implementation of the A2IDEAS AsSisT Program, we will not be taking on additional families through open Intake for direct advocacy services.

Consider applying for the A2IDEAS AsSisT Program for the school year to receive comprehensive advocacy training, support, and services!



A2IDEAS provides consultation and professional development related to special education, advocacy and inclusion topics.

Some previous presentations have centered on the following areas:

  • Understanding Procedural Safeguards to Strengthen IEP Advocacy
  • Advocacy in Action: Taking Steps to Help Your Child with Dyslexia
  • Advocacy Strategies for Your Child with Autism: Effective Use of Procedures and Process
  • Advocacy Strategies for Your Child with Dyslexia: Deconstructing the Process
  • Disability in Education: Navigating School Services
  • Special Education Through an Advocate’s Lens
  • Advocacy and the Intersection with Careers in Public Health
  • Writing Effective Parent Concerns for the IEP

A2IDEAS also provides tailored professional development and consultative sessions to clinics and other private providers for working with families of children with disabilities related to education advocacy.

Please contact for more details.