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Dyslexia Advocacy Coalition of Michigan

A2IDEAS has established DAC-MI, an informal advocacy coalition with a focus on meeting the needs of our community for students with dyslexia. A2IDEAS will serve as the lead agency and facilitator for coalition activities.

“For those of us for whom words sing, sentences paint pictures, and paragraphs create panoramic views of the world, the inability to identify and process words with ease would be crippling.”

~ Judge Sonya Sotomayor ~
Bartlett v. New York State Bd. of Law Examiners, 970 F.Supp. 1094
(S.D.N.Y. 1997)

Connect with DAC-MI efforts by joining our closed Facebook group.        Search: DAC-MI

Join our Dyslexia Advocacy Coalition of Michigan group.                          Subscribe: DAC-MI

View the Decoding Dyslexia of Michigan (DD-MI) resource list for Southeast MI here: DD-MI SE Resource List


Heather Eckner, A2IDEAS Executive Director, discusses dyslexia legislation as well as ways parents can and should advocate for their child, when to reach out to a professional advocate, and how teachers can help during the advocacy process.

View Advocating for Education Legislation

View Removing Barriers: Advocating for Your Child


FORUM: Identifying Opportunity Alongside Disability

A2IDEAS is dedicated to access and opportunity toward inclusive education through our support of individuals with disabilities and their families through advocacy.

As part of these efforts, we sponsor and provide ongoing Education & Outreach centered on the needs of families in our community to broaden awareness, understanding, and engagement.

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